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I think the biggest misconception about addiction is that it’s a choice… nobody wakes up and decides they’re going to ruin their whole life… using the drugs is not the disease, the disease is what’s in my brain that makes me feel like I have to use the drug…. chemical imbalance, call it whatever you will, something is definitely out of my control when I get into my active addiction.”

Ashley Ramey

I’m not gonna lie, I stumble now and then…but then I snap back. People who don’t use just think “Oh you just need to quit.” It’s not that easy… and I feel like if people were to help instead of judge it would help people stay clean.”

Lisa Dalton

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The reason that a lot of our moms are using a drug is to bury something deeper in thier own life…Sometimes it’s because they’ve been given a medication and that medication has caused them to get addicted because of pain control, that kind of thing… But a lot of them have some real struggles.”

Joanna Christoph

BSN, RN, Pediatric Nurse Specialist at CarePartners