Original Body of Pain portrays the American opioid epidemic in an immersive, longitudinal fashion, following families stricken by addiction and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome – when babies are born exposed to substances – for over a year of their lives.

Set in Asheville, NC, the documentary follows women through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond, profiling the highs and lows of motherhood – from first steps and birthday parties, to drug withdrawal, personal traumas, and relapses.

But this film isn’t a sob story or a portrait of shame. Told with compassion, integrity and love, our film documents the bravery and resilience of three strong women at different intersections of the opioid crisis, and makes a compelling statement for sympathy and understanding for those suffering from addiction.

Furthermore, this documentary is proof that addicts can still make great parents when they’re provided the social support and compassionate care that addiction demands.